Founded in Germany in 1917, Arri is a Munich-based manufacturer of cameras, cine lenses and other equipment for motion picture...
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Bolex was a motion picture camera manufactorer based Switzerland. A majority of their camera models used a spring-wound clockwork power...
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"Today´s Alpa is a brand owned by the Swiss camera company Capaul & Weber, who use it for a range of sleek and minimalistic medium-format cameras with lenses from Zeiss, Rodenstock and Schneider. The world-famous..."


"The box camera Holga is a medium-format 120 film camera famous for its low-fidelity aesthetic. Invented in mainland China and later manufactured in Hong Kong, Holga maintains a cult-following among photographers attracted to Holga´s tendency..."


"Graflex was a United States manufactorer chiefly famous for creating the Speed Graphic, a camera much loved by photojournalists during much of the 20th century. You can even see a stylized logo of the Speed..."


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