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Press Release
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The new magazine back for a plate folding camera
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Arturo Rebora
He lives in Genoa, Italy, where he was born around 70 years ago. He loves cameras, optics, military binoculars and telescopes. He started with hand making cameras some years ago, when he (retired) had more time for himself and for his hobbies.

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Folding Plate Camera Thorton Pickard
Completely restored by Arturo Rebora
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The cameras

When you have a Rebora camera in your hands it is a pleasure, the polished rosewood or mahogany, the gold plated brass, everything tells you how much love and how many hours were dedicated to make it so fine. Of course not more than few cameras can be made every year. Some Italian collectors wait for their camera many months.

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New ideas
Look at this camera:
it is a mix of technology: Rollei, Leitz, Schneider. You can use plate film 6x9 with the Rollei plate back; on the Rolleiflex the used part of the film is 6cm x 6cm but on this camera you can use the full format (remember that the prints have rectangular format, so you throw away part of the image in 6x6!) The 6x6 ground glass is used only for focusing.

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When Arturo Rebora is working on a new optical devive he needs to know the lens he is using. To make a right distance scale he built his own rangefinder so he is sure of the results.
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The latest idea
Working Forever
is the first name he gave to this great idea. If you have a plate camera (9x12) in good condition, with the bellows without heavy wear, you can add the Rebora Magazine to use the 120 film to make 6x9 or 6x12 slides or negatives.

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