Exakta Novoflex viewfinder
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Unusual Novoflex viewfinder

Unusual item, nice addition to the Exakta Collection
novoflex viewfinder
by mail from BCE, 18 September 1998

An unseen (by me) item
This morning the postman arrived...

by Maurizio Frizziero

As usually the postman arrives and he need money for custom taxes. I am happy to pay them because I am sure that I'll find (in the boxes) nice additions to my collection, or better than mine doubles, or..... some surprise! On the Brooklyn Camera Exchange list (the pre-view printed one, not the web page) I read about an unseen item. I ordered it. 15 days after it arrived (BCE charged on my Visa $11.00 for the shipping charges while they spent something more, thanks!) and now you can see it on the picture below.

Did you ever see it? I never saw it. Do you wish to know more about it? I am thinking if I can... yes, today I can! I begin from the description: Novoflex Optical Viewfinder for 50 $ 135 screws to bottom of Exakta. I read it so I was able to mount it on the bottom of a VX IIa black label even if I was not sure it was made for that camera.

There was a small distance (as you can see the finder is not parallel with the chrome stripe) between the two black front lockers and the front plate so I tried with a Varex. Better on the Varex, so I decided it was made for the cameras before 1961!

How does it work? It can be used with 50mm and 135mm lenses, so you can see what you are doing, without using the wlf or while you are using manual lenses with very close diaphragms or... you know which is the best use of an optical viewfinder! The left finder has a mask (it can be seen in the last picture). You can mount easily on the bottom of the camera.
If you know more about this item, please write!

....and the messages arrived:

Robert Peters: I've been looking at Exaktas and collecting lenses for 20 years...haven't seen this item before!

Miles Upton: Here's a picture of your viewfinder listed in a small Novoflex brochure from the early 1960's.
The day after Miles sent the picture and another short text:
Maurizio, It looks like my first picture didn't arrive! Here is a new one for you! This is from a small brochure included with different Novoflex accessories. The title of the brochure is "Novoflex Programm". It shows the usual accessories plus your new treasure!
Have an Exakta day! Miles

Klaus Rademaker: Have it too (had 3 or 4! had one in my lists, I think). Mine is in it's original box. When finding it again, I will put that box on a color copier. Know about two different versions, one for x + 135mm and one for x + 105 mm. Could also make a copy from a copy, I made from an old foto magazine, where it was shown. Will help to date it.
Before receiving this message I had no doubt that Klaus knew this item! Klaus knows everything about Exaktas!

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