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Exakta collecting is growing all over the world.

Misc. Links
to the best lists of links about photographica

  • Jeff Albro Impact
    Guide to Used Photo Equipment Dealers, Resources, and Sites
  • Jan-jaap Aue Page
    43K of links. One of the best sites on photography related pages
  • Photozone
    27K of interesting addresses, manufacturers included
  • Another great list
    This one is 40K.
  • Camera profiles
    by Stephen Gandy. Recommended
  • Fred Sherfy's links
    Nice page for classic camera collector
  • William Allen Page
    International Directory of Photography Historians
  • PhotoDeal
    Good pages by Rudolf Hillebrand, the Editor of PHOTODeal.
  • Walker Mangum
    A great Kodak collector
  • Ulf Malmroos
    A camera collector with a long list of items for sale
  • French Page
    Good graphics and interesting links
  • Recommended Links
    from the author of "Made in Italy"
  • PCCGB links
    PCCGB links to sites of photographic interest
  • Camera Repair
    Ed Romney address. Ask him the Exakta Repair Book!

    Other Links

  • Topcon
    Interesting site by the Author of "Made in Italy"
  • Some Italian Cameras
    Speich and Scat
    Rf Cameras
    Box Cameras
  • Hand made precision cameras
    The Camogli System
    made by Arturo Rebora
  • Lomography
    The Lomo Camera
    at Castel San Giovanni fair

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