Rare Exakta mount lenses

Exakta collecting is growing all over the world.

Rare lenses
from Klaus Rademaker's Collection

Dec 18, 1996
This morning the postman brought me a big envelope from Germany...
please wait some minutes, there are a lot of pictures!

Flektogon and Tessar

The lens numbers (Flektogon, 6 numbers instead of 7) both end with a "M". Which is the reason? "M" means Zeiss factory property.

Biotars 1,5/75


V102 after the lens number. "V" on lens means factory prototype.

Biotars, 58/2


one prototype with different shutter release.

Flektogons 35

Assorted prewar 6/6 lenses

Side view of 10.5cm 4.5 Tessar

Tessar 6,3/180 (pre-war)

Angenieux Type R61, 24/3,5 (?)

85 f2 prewar Sonnar in Kine mount.

Stereo Prisms

Large Zeiss macro stereo prism for 135mm lenses.

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