The no-number Exakta Night, a very rare camera.

Exakta collecting is growing all over the world.

A rare chrome Exakta Night
a unique VP with 1/400

I sent the photos of this camera to some collectors, but noone of them (except Jim Hayes) knew it. Klaus wrote me twice about this camera, I am looking for his two faxes. As you can see the focusing ring is wider than usual and the distance scale is lacking. The lens mount is the usual one, even if there is a second fixed chrome ring

A never saw camera
Everyone of us knows the Exakta Junior and the Exakta Night, few of us knows the Ihagee Junior, but noone knows this camera. I bought it by Brooklyn Camera Exchange, owned by Arnie Duren. Usually I ask information to David Sitruk; his replies are prompt.

This camera is a VP Night. Please, if you can, confront
the shutter speed dial with your camera so you can note the intermediate 1/400 instead of 1/600.

Comments welcome!

Maurizio Frizziero Collection

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