Exakta Junior with plate back

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The unique Junior C
Original Junior leatherette, C back, numbered distance ring...

I sent the pictures of this camera to some collectors, Gary Cullen and Klaus Rademaker saw it, but noone of them knew it. Klaus told me that the leatherette, as on the body as on the back, is the same, the same of every Junior. I hope that with this page someone could tell me something more.

A never heard camera
Everyone of us knows the Exakta Junior, few of us knows the Ihagee Junior, but noone knows the Exakta C. I bought it by Jay O. Tepper, USA, when he was in West Hartford.

As you can see, this camera this camera is a Junior, version 2, as you can see on Aguila & Rouah book. The back is the same of the C. The ring has the same body number, and the engraving is like that of other Cs I own. If you wish to know how
I found it you can click on the following link:
The tortuous path towards..

The Falchenberg's letter

Some years ago the late Stein Falchenberg was making a research on the early Exakta VP and was collecting information. I sent him the photos of this camera and of the Ihagee Junior. A few days after he replied : "... Regarding your Jr with plate back, it is certainly the only one I have heard of. It has been normal to refer to cameras with plate back as model C. It turns out that this concept is wrong. Hummel asked me last winter if I had ever seen any reference to factory literature referring to Model C. After much searching it became clear that it was essentially an English language term, seemly created in 1937 by UK importer. It is now clear that plate backs could be fitted on any camera, being an option more like a lens, although one would have thought not on Jr, as it would seem impossible to adjust the spacing, I notice that you don't show a ring. (The photo I sent him was that with the open back, so He did not see the ring). Therefore presumably the infinity focus is correct with the plate back, but the camera may not be used roll film as this requires the spacer. The camera fits into a batch of Jr, perhaps a little more than 100".

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