The no-number Exakta Night, a very rare camera.

Exakta collecting is growing all over the world.

Ihagee Junior
One of the rarest Ihagee cameras

I never had the Hummel's book simply because I do not undestand the German language.
There was the idea of translating this book in English, but... if collectors could reserve a copy perhaps...

Two pages by Hummel's book
Everyone of us knows Hummel's work on German cameras but few of us bought his book. Here I have a copy of the pages where he speaks about the Ihagee Junior.

I do not describe the camera in its details because it is a Junior, version 1, as you can
see on Aguila & Rouah book. If you wish to know how I found it you can look at "Members' articles" then you can choose: "The tortuous path towards..."

And now the Ihagee Junior!
Stein Falchenberg wrote to me: "You should be very pleased to have got one of the rare and little known Ihagee Jr. cameras. I have known of these cameras for many years... Most if not all that has been written in modern times have ignored this camera, but interestingly it is illustrated as the Junior in Gerhart Isert prewar "Standard" Exakta book. Even Hummel in his new book refers only to Exakta Jr.

Anyway it is quite clear that the original model was called Ihagee Jr, and I have a group of 4 serial numbers between 413522 and 561, a small initial batch of perhaps at most 50 cameras. Then one at 418888 and surprisingly a sole Exakta JR AT 419059, and then the first batch of Exakta Jr from 429362 to 430270, say 1000 cameras. It may be significant that the sole early Exakta Jr which appears to be of the same batch as the last Ihagee Jr was in USA. Perhaps the US importer insisted on the camera being Exaktas?"

Exakta collection

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