Exa black flange, version 1 with ribbed pattern

Exakta collecting is growing all over the world.

The black flange Exa

Nr. 040 - Exa
Gehause Nr.: Archive 2 mit Lichtschacht
Meritar 2,9/50mm 973432

Here a nice story about a Black Flange Exa:

One day I received letter from Bruce Pick:

"Dear Maurizio,
I know that many of my customers wanted the black-mount Exa, from when I offered one earlier. I had 6 orders! Now I see, I sent you that first one that I found, nearly a year ago! What would you think if I would sell this new (old) Exa to another customer? Would you think it OK to allow another Exakta collector (in Europe) to have an example of this camera?"

I replied so:

"Dear Bruce,
no problem with this camera. Today I think once more that you are the most serious dealer I know. You can sell it to another collector, if he is a collector and not a dealer. You can tell him he can have the camera if he is (or he'll be) member of the Exakta Circle."

This was the reply:

"Dear Maurizio,
Thank you for your kind e-mail today. I appreciate your letting me "off the hook" regarding the black-mount Exa. I hope that I deserve your high praise! I will be sure to recommend the Exakta Society to my friend."

The day after I had a fax:

"Thank for being so kind with that Exa (Bruce Pick). Yes I was the one : But it is not for me. Since around 2 years, I try to find one for a friend. He is also in the Circle. So you see, the Exa will stay in our "family". I allready tried with your first one. Seems that the post is faster in Italy than in Germany."


This is one of the usual little stories about collecting. The more important thing is that the Exa stays in our "family"!

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